Hārewa Home Learning Portal

Lockdown 2021 - The Hārewa teachers want you to connect with school using Seesaw.  Messages and information will be shared through Seesaw.  Activities will be posted for students.  This website has additional resources available to give you other options.  

Lockdown 2020 -The Hārewa teachers made this video in 2020 when the whole of New Zealand was put into Covid Level 4 lockdown.  If you are feeling overwhelmed it might be a good video clip to watch.  It has reassuring messages for parents. 

Home Learning: This website contains spelling lists and a variety of learning resources which can be used to supplement and support learning at school.

Covid Level 3 or 4 : The Hārewa teachers are keen to support you to work with your child at home in a meaningful way. We do not expect that parents will run a 9am-3pm programme for their children.  We recommend that junior learners spend 1 - 2 hours per day on core academic learning.  The rest of the day should be filled with play and real life learning experiences.

Staying Connected With Seesaw

Each student has been provided with a Seesaw Family Code so parents can view and comment on posts. Students also have a Seesaw Home Learning Code. This code will allow students to make posts and complete activities from home. Please note that these codes are for different purposes. Parents should login using the family code on their phone and/or devices they use.  The home learning code is to be used by students if we need to work from home.


To keep things manageable we are asking that students using Seesaw from home post no more than two posts per day.  Teachers need to check and authorize all posts prior to them being added to learning portfolios. We will share a small number of high quality posts on the blog for all hub learners to read.  


Teachers will check Seesaw messages daily on school days.  Parents can seek advice from teachers and teachers will send out updates from school. 

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